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For beginners, finding business opportunities can be very difficult. It could be because knowledge and experience are still minimal, it could also be due to limited capital constraints. Plus there is a concern whether the business that is run will succeed or even fail in the middle of the road. For these reasons, people often back down even though the business hasn’t started yet. For those of you who have the intention to open a business, business opportunities are actually spread quite a lot and are very broad. Moreover, novice business opportunities that only require a little capital and have a small risk as well.

To be the start of your success path, the following business opportunities can be tried by beginners.


For those of you who are just starting to do business, being a dropshipper is the right choice because it has a relatively small risk. In addition, being a dropshipper does not require large capital. Dropship is a sales system where the seller does not own or store stock of products directly.

In this system the dropshipper, as the party that sells, directly forwards the customer’s order to the supplier or manufacturer. Later it is the supplier or manufacturer that provides, packages and ships the product to consumers on behalf of the dropshipper. Dropshipper only has the duty to sell information about products to consumers.


Resellers also have a concept that is almost the same as the dropshipper, namely reselling products from suppliers or manufacturers. The difference is that a dropshipper does not physically stock the product, while a reseller is usually required to stock several products for sale.

To start as a reseller, usually an agreement is made with the supplier and it varies according to the policies of each supplier. For those of you who want to start with a small capital must be smart to choose suppliers with regulations that are not too strict and the obligation to supply products that are not too much.


If you have enough capital, you can choose a franchise business model. This business model is done by buying a pre-existing trademark for you to develop. The advantage of choosing a franchise business is that you don’t have to bother thinking about business innovations that will be developed. In addition, if the brand that you buy has developed and is well known, so you can get consumers easily.

Request Services

Other business opportunities for beginners that can be tried are entrusted services. Getting started is easy, especially for traveling lovers. Simply come to the shopping center in a certain place that has a complete product and is needed by many people or unique. Then photos of the product to be displayed on social media accounts and consumers ready to order.

This type of business requires little capital and also a small risk. Usually consumers will transfer some money directly after ordering so you do not need to pay a large fee.


Daily necessities such as soap, tissue, cooking oil, etc. always get requests every day. That is why a grocery shop can be a quite profitable business idea. You can start with items that are needed by people around so you can suppress capital.

The benefits can be rotated to add to the products available in your shop. Grocery stalls are also usually filled with durable items so the risk is even less.

Food business

This type of business is never dead because everyone needs food whenever and wherever. You can start by providing long-lasting snacks or cakes. If you have good cooking skills and sufficient capital, you can try opening a rice stall and side dishes or a cafe. The key to success of this business is taste. Innovate and continuously improve the quality of your cuisine so that consumers return to your place.

Laundry Business

More and more jobs and people will be increasingly busy so they do not have time to take care of household matters, especially washing. Washing clothes can be a scourge because it takes a lot of energy and is very time consuming. Laundry business is usually very developed in a super busy community such as in urban communities. Complete with ironing services so that your laundry business is increasingly in demand.

Child Care Services

Still in line with the busy people in urban areas today and the increasingly high economic demands make families have to give up fathers and mothers work from dawn


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