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In the current era of globalization where the competitive situation in the market is increasingly sharp, “aesthetics” can function as an “emotional trap” that is very powerful to attract the attention of buyers or consumers. Product battles are no longer limited to superior quality or sophisticated technology, but also to efforts to gain added value to provide emotional benefits to consumers. One effort that can be taken to deal with it is through product design.

The attractiveness of a product can not be separated from the packaging, because packaging is the main trigger that is directly dealing with consumers. Therefore, packaging must be able to influence consumers to give a positive response, which is buying a product. Product packaging design does have a significant influence in an effort to attract buyers and increase sales of a product.

That is why business people today must start paying attention to packaging to add selling value. Especially if there are more and more types of products on the market. So it requires differentiation between one product with another product. One differentiator in question is the packaging and design.

Product design must be adjusted to the target market to be targeted. Each consumer class has its own characteristics. Starting from the shape, color, graphics, brands, illustrations, letters and layout of the design will be different in each consumer class. That is why the packaging design must be adjusted. A good packaging design of a product must be conveyed and understood by consumers only through the visual design.

How Product Design Attracts Consumer Interests
The main key to making a good product packaging design is that the packaging must be simple or simple, functional and create positive emotional responses that indirectly persuade consumers to make a purchase. In addition, packaging must also be able to attract attention visually, emotionally and rationally. A good packaging design must provide an added value to the product it is packaged.

According to research, of all human sensing activities, 80% are sensing through vision or visible or visual. For this reason, the graphic elements of packaging such as colors, shapes, brands, illustrations, letters and layout are the visual elements that have the biggest role in the process of delivering visual communication. To be successful, the appearance of a package must have an appeal, which can be classified into two, namely visual (aesthetic) and practical (functional) appeal.

According to Bo Rundh’s research results in the literature entitled How packaging is influencing the marketing strategy, packaging can attract the attention of buyers or consumers towards a particular brand, enhance the image, and stimulate consumer perceptions about the product.


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