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There are many tips and new business ideas that are suitable for you who want to start a business. The following has been a summary journal specifically for you, a source of powerful new business ideas and examples of creative ideas that you can emulate to start a business or venture. A business idea, if run properly, is likely to bring success, as long as you have strong faith and consistency.


Source of New Business Ideas

A very good business idea is an idea that comes from your work experience. With work experience at a company, then of course it will make you a person who is proficient at it. So that to build a similar business will be easier.

Many successful entrepreneurs find their business ideas from unpleasant experiences or bitter experiences. They do not want others to experience the same thing, so they create an effort that is able to solve the problems they have experienced. For example, because of the difficulty of getting a comfortable, safe and easy parking area, a business idea for parking vehicles with valet parking facilities emerged.

In addition, you can also find business ideas by looking at the conditions and problems around. Learn the needs of the community, whatever you, friends, neighbors are looking for but are not found or difficult to be met by the surrounding market. By finding these problems, then you will find a gap to become a successful entrepreneur.

Examples of Creative and Innovative Ideas for Starting a Business

1. Become a unique and creative businessman
If you are one of the people who have creativity and innovation, then you must have lots of ideas or new things that you can make as opportunities for business or business. There are many types of new businesses that start from discovering new types of products, systems, technologies and programs. If you are successful at creating a uniqueness, then you must quickly take out a patent and then you can sell it.

New inventions in general have a great opportunity to penetrate the market, especially if the invention has its own characteristics and uniqueness and the most important thing is that the product is needed by many people.

2. Duplicate other businesses
For those of you who feel less creative and less innovative, then you should not be discouraged immediately. You must believe that the true source of new business ideas is everywhere, even before your eyes. You must always be good at reading opportunities, potential, and have the courage to take risks.

For example, if there is a crowded noodle restaurant around you, it doesn’t hurt you to compete fairly in the same place and type of product. You only need to duplicate the business, and of course you have to add another value to the consumer. The added value can be in the form of service, price, friendliness, speed, and so on.

3. Open a business with additional facilities
In addition to duplicating other businesses, you can also open a business by providing additional creative facilities. For example, if someone opens an internet cafe near your place of residence, then you can compete by adding facilities or expanding available offers.

4. Make use of talents and skills
There are many types of businesses that you can run based on the skills you have. You need to be confident in your potential and have high expectations that your business will succeed. You have to start learning to generate income from the skills you have.

For example if you are good at cutting hair, then you can open your own salon. With a little touch of creativity that is different from existing salons in general, then of course your salon will be crowded by customers.

If you have not found a suitable new business idea, it helps you take advantage of the knowledge from college to become a business. Although most people who are educated dedicate themselves to a company. But the fact is that not a few people have succeeded in utilizing the knowledge gained from college by building a business or business.


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