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If you observe, in almost every area from the village to the urban area there must be a certain location that you can find there is a coffee shop. It turns out that opening a coffee shop business even though it is only simple cannot be underestimated because there are many successful and successful coffee shop entrepreneurs. Coffee shop is one of the promising business opportunities with the condition that you can learn the strategy. How much coffee shop venture capital is needed? Find the answers below.


Details of Coffee Shop Business Capital

With the increasing demands of today’s society on coffee, many people also see that starting a coffee shop business is a promising opportunity. If you want to be one of those people, one of the most important things you need to think about is how much coffee shop venture capital is needed. The following is a breakdown of the capital of a coffee shop business with an initial capital of less than 20 million.


  • Coffee equipment consists of V60, Siphon, French Press, Espresso Machine, Grinder, Scale, Milk Steamer, Milk Jug, calculated at around Rp 7,220,000.
  • Other equipment consisting of a small refrigerator, glassware and silverware, and a blender of Rp. 2,050,000.
  • The ingredients of the drink consist of coffee and milk IDR 1,200,000.
  • Interior equipment, such as 4 sets of table chairs, accessories, cleaning equipment, CCTV, is estimated at Rp. 2,600,000.
  • Payment instruments such as cashiers and cash drawers, totaling Rp 3,400,000.
  • Other costs include the cost of 13 VA electricity, individual business licensing fees, etc. are budgeted at Rp 2,200,000.
  • So, to open a simple coffee shop requires at least capital of Rp. 18,700,000. The capital details do not include the cost of renting the place of business. So, don’t forget to set aside your capital for the cost of renting a place of business.


Tips for Running a Coffee Shop Business


  • Define the target consumer clearly.
  • Determine the location of the coffee shop.
  • Knowing and calculating how much coffee shop business capital is needed.
  • Looking for a quality supplier of coffee ingredients.
  • Make a coffee shop concept that is interesting and different from the others.
  • Develop appropriate promotional strategies.
  • Committed to providing the best service.


Preparing HR for Coffee Business

Human Resources or HR is one of the points that plays an important role in the sustainability of the coffee shop business. The barista or coffee mixers, must practice seriously and can not be careless. Barista training itself is indeed quite expensive. But you don’t need to worry, because being a barista can be done by yourself. There is a free and easy way to be a little more proficient in matters of making coffee. The trick is:


  • Looking for sources for learning material from the internet. Explore sites about coffee, and knowledge about charity that is spread on the internet.
  • Learn a lot from other baristas.
  • Read a book and keep practicing. Reading books about coffee and doing endless exercises are two things that can start you become a quality barista. By reading coffee books written by practitioners and experts, it will open up insights and increase mysticism.


Intensive Promotions

In starting any type of business, promotion is a very important thing to do. This promotion will make people aware of the existence of the coffee shop business you are running. You can do business promotion in various ways, both conventional and digital.

For conventional promotions, you can print banners, brochures, or pamphlets. In addition, you also have to maximize digital marketing. Take advantage of the internet as a marketing channel, because right now the most powerful marketing trend is through social media.

Coffee shops or coffee shops in various cities in Indonesia have now become one of the favorite places to relax or work. Not surprisingly, until now, the number of coffee shops has increased in number. For those of you who are interested in running a coffee shop business, the details of the coffee shop business capital above can be used as an illustration.

Pioneering a business or business, besides requiring sufficient knowledge also requires perseverance and patience. Because to achieve success in business can not be obtained instantly, but it takes time to develop the business. To make business management easier and more practical, Journals are present as the right solution for business people in Indonesia.


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