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In order to develop a business, there are many strategies and marketing methods that are run to get maximum results. Starting from promoting and marketing by using advertisements in mainstream media such as television and radio, using social media, using SEO techniques, using opt-in techniques, entering consumer communities, and many others. In addition to some of these efforts, there are other ways that are used by business owners and may still be rarely applied, namely Instagram takeovers.

The term Instagram takeovers first appeared in 2012 and is used by three big brands namely General Electric, Burberry and Food Republic. The results obtained are able to provide extraordinary effects for the development of these three brands. What exactly is meant by Instagram takeovers? Next Journal provides a complete explanation for you.


Understanding Instagram Takeovers

Instagram takeovers is the process of taking over certain Instagram accounts for a while and doing activities in them. Instagram takeovers have now become one part of a very popular marketing strategy and is a win-win solution. In general, the steps taken are popular accounts that give certain people access to the rights to manage.

Activities undertaken can take the form of sharing video content, images, stories and doing live broadcasts to interact with the account’s audience. Of course a lot of preparation must be done in order to get the right people to fill activities on the Instagram account. Do research and also make sure the audience understands what will happen. If the takeover is successful, the brand as the owner of the Instagram account can benefit, so does the account user.

Benefits of Instagram Takeovers

Instagram takeovers are an amazing solution for the parties involved in it. Whether it’s brand owners, account holders, or influencers who collaborate and promote content cross-linked. Not only is it a pleasant partnership, Instagram takeover also provides benefits to various parties.


  • Benefits for Brands
  • Get a New Audience
  • By letting other people or influencers take over Instagram accounts, it paves the way for their audiences to connect with Instagram brand accounts more easily. Therefore, choose parties that have an audience that is in line with the brand so that those who come to the Instagram brand are interested in the products offered.
  • New and Fresh Content
  • Getting new people to fill in your Instagram account also means getting fresh content like never before because it suits the creator’s preferences. Especially if you work with influencers who usually really know how to connect with your audience through content.
  • Build Trust
  • People follow someone, especially influencers on Instagram, not without reason. They certainly have high confidence in the things recommended by the figure. This Instagram takeover can be one way for brands to also gain the trust of these followers.
  • Increase Interest and Engagement
  • Takeover can be a way that encourages the audience to pay special attention to the brand and engagement that previously might have rarely been done. So you can apply this method when launching new campaigns or products.
  • Benefits for Account Holders
  • Get New Followers
  • Similar to the benefits gained by the brand as the account owner, those who take over the account will be better known through the brand account and of course will get new followers. This is an opportunity to make a good impression so that they too have reasons why they should follow the account holder as well.
  • Develop Credibility
  • Whatever the concerns of account holders on Instagram, working together with an appropriate brand will certainly increase their credibility.
  • Generate Content for Personal Accounts
  • Whatever is shared on a brand account can usually also be shared on the personal account of the person who filled the content. The content can in fact be a prestigious post.
  • Taking Over Another Account
  • Working together to ask other parties such as influencers to hold a brand account at a certain moment is quite effective. But what if it’s reversed? Instead of asking someone to take over the Instagram brand account, consider becoming a guest and taking over another party’s Instagram account such as influencers, communities, or even other brands.
  • This is a great way to reach new audiences that have been built by other parties. Because between one account de


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