Student, Typing, Keyboard, Text, WomanBusiness opportunities for perfume refill or refill at this time are still very wide open. That is because the need for refill perfume will always be there as a solution for people who want to use fragrances at a more affordable price. In addition, because perfume for some people is an equipment that must be used daily.

This perfume refill business is one type of business that is practical to run. Even for the initial stage of starting a business, there are usually many who offer a complete business package system. That way, you only need to provide a place to sell it. To be able to follow in the footsteps of a successful perfume refill business, one of the important things you need to pay attention to is the location where the business must be strategic and easily accessible to consumers.

In addition to selling in the store directly, there are also some business people who add to their promotion through online media. This certainly has the potential to help get consumers from any region. Find out more fully and clearly about the refill perfume business opportunities that have been summarized in the following Journal.

Advantages of Refill Perfume Business

Below are some explanations related to the benefits that you will get in managing the perfume refill business. By knowing the benefits in a business, then you can decide and consider future prospects in a business that will be run.

Percentage of profits gained in running a perfume refill business can reach 50% to 100%.
The choice of prick plant or refill perfume seeds is very diverse. Starting from the cheapest quality to the most expensive. That way the business will indirectly give you the choice in preparing the initial capital to get started.
The learning process in the refill perfume business is quite fast, which is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 month. The process is not included in the skill to memorize the scent, but only limited to how to mix perfume. Because in memorizing the scent of a perfume you need a longer time so that it is formed into a habit.
Refillable seeds or primers have a long expiration date. As long as you don’t put it in a place that is directly exposed to heat, then the seeds or prickly perfume refill can last its quality up to 2 years.

Risks in the Perfume Refill Business

In a business certainly has a risk in it, as well as the refill perfume business. The risk or obstacles encountered in running a refill perfume business is not great, but you still have to consider it and prepare a solution if one day encounter problems that were not unexpected.

Here are some risks that are usually experienced when running a refill perfume business:

Perfume seeds change color and odor due to improper storage. Especially if exposed to heat directly. This is very often experienced by perfume refill sellers because the display on cans of seeds or perfume primers are less attention. With the heat of the temperature in the can of perfume will be able to cause changes in the smell and color of the seeds or prickly perfume refill.
Difficulties in getting perfume or ethanol solvents, because ethanol is usually available in chemical stores, most of which can only be found in big cities. So in this case, you need to prepare from the beginning to find the nearest chemical store that sells ethanol, or at least you can order online.

Tips for Starting a Perfume Refill Business

Preparing venture capital. Capital in the refill perfume business is relatively small. Small is meant that is outside the capital of the place that will be used, both contracts and buy their own kiosks.
Prepare a place of business. A very important and vital place in the refill perfume business. Look for a place that has a size of at least 4 × 4 meters, because that size is a standard in the smooth refill perfume business in general.
Prepare the design and store contents. Design a store that you will occupy as vibrantly as possible. Then make the shop more colorful, for example by polishing the shop with lively colors and bright lighting. That way, you will bring a lot of visitors.
Prepare catalogs and samples of perfumes. Prepare a catalog of perfume names that you will sell. In addition, also prepare examples of prickly perfume. Usually perfume primers are placed in small roll bottles measuring 4 ml and coded for male perfume and female perfume. It aims to make it easier for consumers to choose the perfume they will buy.
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