If you’re anything like me, you haven’t memorized the planetary bodies and what they correspond to, so I came up with this FREE Birth Chart Worksheet to keep handy.

Not sure how to read your birth chart? First you need a Birth Chart Calculator. Here’s one that we like: https://www.astrolada.com/birthchart-calculator/

Astrology is a fascinating science. It uses birth charts to identify how the planets in our solar system affect human characteristics and tendencies. But learning how to read a chart can be tough at first. Here’s a brief guide to getting started.

Core Essence of the Chart

The first points you want to identify are the sun, moon and rising signs. These are the primary drivers of the individual.

The sun sign describes your will, individuality, ego, and natural talents. It will reveal why some things in life are so easy for you, as well as your default tendencies. It shows how you express yourself and from where your creative inspiration comes.

Your moon sign describes your emotional nature and how it drives you. Think of it as a reigning emotional need you have to fulfill to feel safe or comfortable in any situation. Knowing your moon sign helps you gain control over your emotions.

The ascendant, or rising sign, describes your physical body. You may have heard of the rising sign being described as the “mask” we all wear, and to a point that’s true. But going deeper, it’s the way you act and the mission or role in life you choose because you feel that’s the best way to take on life’s challenges.

Assimilate these three points to get an understanding of your core essence. The sun says who you are, the moon explains how you feel, and the ascendant reveals how you act.

Interpreting the Other Planets

After figuring out the puzzle of these three planets, it’s also important to know how the other planets in your chart are affecting you. We’re not looking at aspects just yet; first we just want to get an idea of what each planet in its sign means. The easiest way to learn the meanings of planets in signs is to use templates.

For example, let’s say you were born while Mars was marching through Aries. You can use the keywords of Aries and Mars to fill in the template below:

With my Mars in Aries, my sense of aggression, passion, and drive (Mars keywords) act impulsively, selfishly, and quickly (Aries keywords).

Another example:

With my Venus in Aries, my sense of beauty, relating, and pleasures (Venus keywords) act impulsively, selfishly, and quickly (Aries keywords).

This simple template allows you to get a quick understanding of how their energies mix. You can easily see why Mars is the ruler of Aries whereas Venus doesn’t do too well! Now do this for every planet in your chart,

Delineating the Angles

We move on to the houses, which describe life experience. Depending on which houses your planets are located, you experience their energies in different areas of life. Mars in Aries is felt very differently in the second house than in the tenth.

The angles in particular are important because they highlight forceful life experiences that motivate us to action. They are the cusps of the first house (ascendant), fourth house (nadir), seventh house (descendant), and tenth house (midheaven). When planets are found here, they have more impact on the relevant areas.

First House (Ascendant) – Planets found conjunct or in the first house affect your physical body, appearance and sense of identity.

Fourth House (Nadir) – Planets here affect experiences of the home, mother, real estate, and personal emotions.

Seventh House (Descendant) – With planets in the seventh, your personal relationships, close friendships, business partners, and dealings with the general public are affected.

Tenth House (Midheaven) – Planets at the midheaven or in the tenth house affect your sense of ambition, work ethic, career, and the experience of the father.

The angles detail core life patterns of development. Understanding them can be crucial to understanding your perceptions of self, others, family and vocation. After looking at these power houses, Examine how your planets affect the rest of your houses.


The aspects show how the planets are interacting with each other, but can be tough to learn at first. Most important is knowing what each placement means on its own. However, while it can be easy to describe what your sun sign means, integrating its effect with the plethora of other meanings takes a ton of practice.

Synthesis is a higher order skill that requires intuition and imagination. Sometimes you have to take a risk of being wrong! In due time, you’ll have more confidence and will be able to blend meanings together with ease.

Anyway, that’s a bit to get you started. Don’t forget to download your FREE Birth Chart Worksheet below.


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