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Digital printing is an innovation in the printing world. This is a printing technique from digital-based text or images that is poured in various media with an instant process and a very fast time. With the increasingly modern technology, digital printing business has become one of the businesses with enormous opportunities.

There are many advantages to be gained if you decide to start a digital printing business compared to conventional methods. The advantages of digital printing business have advantages such as a more concise process, faster production time, saving labor, simple work processes and printouts can be issued according to whatever desired amount.

Digital printing is not just about printing text or images on paper. There are various media that can be used as a container and each of these media has their own business prospects. If you are interested in starting a digital printing business, here are some ideas that can be used to develop your printing business.



One of the three primary human needs is clothing. Every day even almost every time clothing is attached to the human body. So that the demand for clothing will not run out until whenever. Therefore digital printing for t-shirt screen printing can be one of the promising business ideas. Starting this business does not require very large capital as you might imagine.

This is because the machines used are very diverse, ranging from the affordable to the most expensive, ranging from machines for small production to large production. In addition, this business also has a large market demand because with digital printing, clothing designs and colors that are applied can be more varied.

The Case of the cell phone

Almost all people today have cell phones. Most people do not leave their cell phone without a case to avoid the dirt or friction that might occur. To add aesthetic value and uniqueness, cell phone owners often choose cases with various images or writing. This image can be created using digital printing. The number of enthusiasts allows you to take advantage of digital printing mobile phone cases as a promising business opportunity.


Sticker is another printing product that is very popular in the market because it can be used in various media and must be present in every printing product. There are many sticker products such as stickers for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, helmets, glass, walls, cell phones and so on which are often needed as decoration.

Because consumers come from various backgrounds and needs, this sticker business opportunity is very large and has quite promising prospects. Coupled with simple equipment and capital that is not too large to make this business easier to try.


There are various types of souvenirs both for your own collection or for the purposes of events such as weddings, office events and so forth. Souvenirs can be obtained from items such as mugs, plates, tumblr, bags, umbrellas and others that are transformed very interestingly using digital printing.

With more and more events being held, there is also a growing need for souvenirs, so digital printing business opportunities will continue to run. You can use this to be a promising business opportunity.


Although now many invitations have been found in digital form, print invitations still have their own interests and are still widely used to invite relatives and colleagues. Even requests for print invitations for various types of events are now increasing. For those of you who are looking for business opportunities in the field of digital printing, invitation print services can be a pretty big opportunity.

At the beginning you can provide blanks with various designs and just print the invitation contents with a normal printer. The longer can be improved by buying your own invitation printer. You can also use this machine to make business cards that are currently widely used by professional parties.

Promotion media

One other type of digital printing business that is recommended for you is print media promotion services such as banners, banners, billboards, flyers, pamphlets and so on. This field is very promising because it is not just for promotion, this kind of media is also needed by non-business actors for various needs. Especially if you enter the campaign period, then this business will get a high enough profit.

Those are 6 digital printing business ideas, each of which is profitable for you. You can start from one idea with a machine that is not too expensive and


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