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In the digital era as it is today, the world seems to be in the grip. This is not an excessive word considering the millennial generation who always use smartphones for various purposes. Smartphones come as a communication tool that makes it easy for everyone to connect whenever and wherever. However, the development of an increasingly rapid era certainly has an impact on improving technology in smartphones.

Not only as a communication tool, now smartphones can also be used to meet various needs, one of which is the business accounting process with financial applications. This financial application will certainly make it easier for you to manage your business needs, from expenses, to tracking cash flow, to sending invoices. Let me not be curious, the following are the best financial application recommendations that you can choose as needed.

Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators is one of the financial applications that comes in the form of a calculator set to help you do the calculations related to finance. This application has a number of qualified features, such as credit card calculations, currency conversion, stock and bond calculators, loan calculators, and many more.
Most people are still confused in calculating some of these things so the existence of this application is very helpful for business owners. Financial Calculators application will do the calculations with conditions that are not known to many people. In addition, this application will store important data, such as total payments, date, and type of payment you make.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager is a financial application that you can consider to help make calculations in detail. This application will display income and financial expenditure per day, per week, per year, up to per category. With this application, income and financial expenditure will be more easily grouped and the categories can be adjusted according to needs.

For those of you who have more than one financial account, this application is very helpful. In addition, the features provided by this application are also complete, ranging from storing proof of payment, payment notifications, calculation support tools, account transfers, diagram reports, and others.

Accurate Lite

Accurate Lite is an accounting software output from PT CPSSoft (Cipta Piranti Sejahtera). This application helps MSMEs who want to manage business books and financial reports anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. As an Android-based product, this application will help you record bookkeeping easily and get accurate financial reports.

The Accurate Lite application is claimed to make it easy for you to book with six main features that can meet the needs of MSMEs, such as sales features, purchase features, cost features, stock features, cash features, and report features. Equipped with user-friendly menus, this application will help you to know financial and business losses accurately.

Healthy wallet

Healthy Wallet is an alternative financial application on Android that will help you record finances in detail and accurately. This application is equipped with special features to help monitor expenses and income.

In addition, this application also provides financial information where you can manage daily transactions by making a budget, connecting with a bank account, creating a bill reminder, or viewing a cash flow report.


Journal is one of the best financial applications that can be downloaded on Android-based smartphones. The journal presents financial statements that are simple, easy to read, and specific. The features available are also user friendly which makes it easy for you to see business performance periodically from data of purchases, sales, profit and loss anywhere and anytime with just a smartphone.

If you are running a business both small and large scale and need good management of accounting, then the Journal can be an appropriate alternative. Various features are provided to monitor sales and purchases, view details of incoming and outgoing money, and check stock of goods.


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